01. iYoga - Mental Update System

iYoga is the latest innovation to enhance all essential components of humanity and eliminate all human shortcomings. As a mental update system, iYoga fuses our body, mind, soul, and technology. With a range of exercises, iYoga dissolves all boundaries between physicality and virtuality, humanity and technology, and opens up a new meta-physical dimension. The human being transcends into the ultimate state of absolute self-actualization and perfection. iYoga will revolutionize and optimize everything; our physical existence, our value system, our beliefs, our human rights. Be different!

02. Metabolic Patience - Playing Serious

Metabolic Patience is a discussion toolkit addressing the relations and impacts of the Global Material Flow in form of a public game. The ordinary rules of the Patience/Solitaire game are adapted and transformed, illustrating the story of differently emerging and influential material life-cycles. A specific focus on cotton is used as a simplifying lens to understand the global perspective of metabolism. In context of the public installation the audience collectively takes over the role of the global market force.

03. Updates Available - Challenging Art

On the Challenges of Contemporary Art as a Meta-Physical Hybrid of Physicality and Virtuality - Updates Available investigates the ramifications of the changes contemporary art is undergoing within in the two-sided reality of physicality and virtuality. By examining the challenges on traditional role-allocations, the text tries to open up a discussion about medium-specificity and the need for updated configurations.

04. Blustering Rhinoceros - Masking Privacy

Privacy is being challenged by international protagonists like the NSA or the GCHQ. Surrounded by numerous security programs like "Squeaky Dolphin", "Fox Acid" or "Prisma", we are constantly all watched over - and listened to - by machines of loving grace. Technology is used to record social behavior: chats, social networks, operating systems, (flashlight) apps... Using the concept of sound masking - as used in open space offices or sleep aid machines - the Blustering Rhinoceros secures your private space and restores your freedom of speech. Making use of field recordings the anti-surveillance cape shields you with an all-embracing - white-noise homologous - sound pattern: wind, rain, church bells, cars, conversations, children playing... Being placed inside the sound panorama, from the outside your intimate conversations disappear.

05. Future Report

Exhibitions. Fairs. Openings. Closings. Data as patterns, patterns as compositions. (Internship Report)

06. Your Inverted Self - Public Inquiry Of Dimensions

Black is white and white is black - Your Inverted Self plays with the contemporaneous architecture of space. A space not only consisting of physical but also virtual dimensions. Framed through digital devices our vision is getting framed, transmitted and manipulated. The two worlds interfere but do not necessarily match. Instead, the virtual space incarnates a makeover of the realistic. Your Inverted Self reflects its - inverted - environment as it reflects your inverted self. Standing inside the cube of the installation, exploring the work, you are not only stimulated to use and experience your own sensory perception in a more curious and reflective way, but also asked to critically examine the reliability of both digital and physical environments. Only through the equivalently inverted camera of your smartphone are you able to catch the image of the real you - where white is white and black is black.

07. Adorno's Aesthetic Theory

A book "without" hierarchy. A rhizomatic construction where every chapter is treated the same. Concurrency and equivalence as system - designing its own aesthetic form.

08. Chinese Whisper - An Intimate Conversation

The computer as a more intelligent creature than the human being? The installation/performance Chinese Whisper provokes a conversation between two of these intelligent species. Through their inherent template architecture, computers are able to communicate. They listen (record) and speak (dictate). The "Oblique Strategies" by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt provide the starting point for this conversation - a Chinese Whisper game: speak - listen - speak - listen - speak - listen - ... (dictate - record - dictate - record - dictate - record - ...) Instead of understanding each other, the outcome of the game is bizarre gibberish, revealing the limited horizon of these smart devices, which are unequivocally depending on a human operating system performing certain shortcuts.

09. Liquitity - Gamesticated Protest

Liquitiy is designed as an online protest against the privatization of water sources by international conglomerates like Nestle and Coca Cola. Claiming it as their private property they are selling bottled water for arbitrarily high prices. In order to stop this random privatization of water access, which should be a fundamental human right, this platform enables you to easily annex water sources. As a counter-motion, the water you "own" is free and accessible for everybody. So be faster and annex!

10. Data Catwalk - Coded Self-Decoration

We are exposed by certain agencies collecting our data, meanwhile we don't hesitate to feed it to online services using it as a form of self-decoration. P I A, the "Personal Insecurance Agency", uses your personal Facebook data to translate your activity into an analog decoration product. Show-off your data! Show-off your rings!

11. The Invention of the Better - Faked Imitation

Artificiality as the imitation of the natural and authentic. The project finds its local origin in the environment of the Curonian Spit. The peninsula is artificially designed in order to make it habitable. Natural environments such as forests and dunes as well as the tourist culture are artificially constructed. These imitations and adaptations likely end up in a bizarre generalization and the loss of the self-determination of the designed object. The Invention of the Better is to be understood as a composite of several pieces. A book, generating a manipulated man-made panorama, a projection, melting the borders between real and fake, and a series of masks, providing a camouflaging self-decoration with and in the artificial surrounding. "Everyone is an artwork" (Boris Groys). This project has been developed during the two-week workshop "Summer Sessions" in 2013.

12. Organic Dining - Regulated Improvisation

This project is a side-project of The Invention of the Better (No.15). Morphing the natural. The dinner is artificially designed as an interference with natural eating and table habits. What comes out within these constructions of regulations is a variety of designed chameleonic adaptions.

13. Fold - An Unfolding Conceptual Font

Fold is a conceptual font questioning the mechanisms of language. It translates letters, words and sentences into folded-paper compositions. While typing, certain lines appear on the sheet, which functions as the manual of how you have to fold your message.

14. Common-or-garden - Natural Identity

Back to the roots. Common-or-garden is an image essay investigating identity through gardens. Referring to the way we act within image-sharing platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr, gardening becomes an analog equivalent of visually presenting identity to others - starting from the very personal level and growing to national identity.

15. PatT3Rn by D33Ds - Collection Of Safety

"sexygirl17", "hotboy89", "password123". Safety first? Passwords are the key to our very personal information. The creation of these digital keys follows patterns not as personal. The collection translates "sweaty", "freeeek3", "opal123", "IH8w0rk!" and "fund686spy277!" on the basis of their safety level into textile designs. The possibility of covering progressively deteriorates as the insecurity of the password increases. These passwords are an extract from a 450,000 password database of the online service Yahoo Voice, which has been exposed in July 2012 by the hacker group "The D33Ds Company".

16. Art and Criticism - A Collaborative Collaboration

9 texts, 11 artworks, 4 communication designers, 13 folded sheets, 2 colours, 1 format. "Art and Criticism" was the subject addressed by students of University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf in cooperation with Duesseldorf Arts Academy and Witten/Herdecke University: the 9 different texts about 11 different artworks gathered in 1 publication: the individualisation of the rule! This project is awarded by: aed Neuland (nomination 2013), Art Directors Club Junior (Bronze 2013), Berliner Type (Silver 2012) and MFG Award (2012).

17. The Everyday Parasite - A Spatial Invasion

Growing like germs and infecting surroundings.

18. Composing Aura - Publishing The Missing

"Any translation which intends to perform a transmitting function cannot transmit anything but information - hence, something inessential. This is the hallmark of bad translations." (Walter Benjamin) The book is an attempt to compose the missing aura for some of the artworks which are represented on For this, aura - contrary to Walter Benjamin's theory - is based on materiality. Representation as a form of bad translation?!

19. Choreographic Grid - A Responsive Performance

Aspen No. 6A: The Performance Art Issue. The improvisation of the planned. Thinking about future devices, which could be foldable, portable, projectable, influenceable - we are confronted with a variety of screen sizes. The Choreographic Grid translates The Performance Art Issue of the art magazine Aspen in a responsive performance. Depending on the format and function of the screen and the users interaction, the content is acting within its design.